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Alfie & The Explosions - Safire

Discussion in 'Classic Soul Sounds Requests' started by John5, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. John5

    John5 Well-Known Member

    "Safire / True Love", Phil-L.A. of Soul 357 released in 1972.
    An interesting little instrumental that I heard today.
    Not on YouTube, Spotify, Last.fm or a Google Search.

    I note that John Manship has it on sale at £40 and he describes it as:
    "Zippy string driven Northern Soul instrumental dancer but do NOT overlook the killer Deep Soul flipside!"

    I've not heard the B Side.
  2. Soshe

    Soshe Administrator Staff Member

    72 - Too late for me.......:oops::cool:
  3. John5

    John5 Well-Known Member

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