Bunny Sigler RIP

Discussion in 'Classic Artists & Label Biographies' started by Soshe, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Soshe

    Soshe Administrator Staff Member

    Just read that Mr Walter "Bunny" Sigler has passed.
    He was 76.
    RIP Bunny
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  2. roy harrison

    roy harrison Moderator Staff Member

    Sad news,thanks for letting us know Soshe.
  3. Earlvandykes6

    Earlvandykes6 Active Member

    Eventually We Will All " Move On Up -Towards Our Destination " - Yet Another Artist Gone ( He Gave Us Some Top Tunes ) Mine Is " There's No Love Left In This Old Heart Of Mine " ( Cameo Parkway ) And " For Cryin' Out Loud " ( Decca ) R.I.P. .

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