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Donnie Elbert - A Little Piece Of Leather

Discussion in 'Classic Soul Sounds Discussions' started by Soshe, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Soshe

    Soshe Administrator Staff Member

  2. malc falle

    malc falle Well-Known Member

    A top dancer from the early days which was played everywhere!! I've still got my Sue single somewhere. Another good post from Soshe. Regards. Malc.
  3. malc falle

    malc falle Well-Known Member

    I love this record but this man was so under rated, he cut some fabulous tunes that you never hear played out. I was lucky to see him live back in the day and he was just awesome. Another top post Young Soshe. Regards. Malc.
  4. Earlvandykes6

    Earlvandykes6 Active Member

    The SUE Version Is The Same As The U.S.A. GATEWAY Issue , The DEMO is Different Unless There Are Two Different Demos ?? . [ I Prefer The Demo Version ]

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