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Joe Haywood - Warm and Tender Love

Discussion in 'Classic Soul Sounds Discussions' started by John5, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. John5

    John5 Well-Known Member

    "Warm and Tender Love / I would if I could", Enjoy 2013 released in January 1965 (USA), Island WI 218 released in 1965 (UK)

    Joe Haywood is believed to have written "Warm and Tender Love" although the official credit doesn't name him - not particularly unusual for the time.
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  2. slats

    slats Active Member

    Amazed i've not heard this version before, very nice
  3. Soshe

    Soshe Administrator Staff Member

    The track is credited to Bobby Robinson - full name: Morgan Clyde Robinson, owner of Harlem's "Bobby's Records And Tape Center".

    The guy's name -with many alterations - Barry Robinson, M C Robinson, Morgan Robinson, Robert Morgan, and Tobinson to name just a few - features on many records as songwriter and/or producer..

    Now, it is possible that, as an influential guy in Harlem's music scene, he got other folk's songs published in return for the writing credit, but if he had done it SO many times, I think we would have heard about it by now.

    I reckon Bobby was the song writer. He also produced it ;):cool:

    Here's a pic:

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  4. malc falle

    malc falle Well-Known Member

    A fabulous post John5 "Thank you for posting" I do remember this one from back in the day, but I've not heard it in many a year. Just wonderful soul music as she should be sung!! Thanks for the picture and information as well Soshe. Very informative. This is simply stunning. Regards. Malc.

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